20k Project - Massive World Record in Trackmania

Welcome to the 20k Project, OPEN HERE ↷ Organized and rendered by L4Bomb4 Edited, Composited and Camera by Danixks After the short time of half a year a new massive World Record in Trackmania is completed! Firstly, thanks to each one of you who drove and submitted their replays for making this possible. Secondly, thanks to my pc for not dying after ~300h's of render time. And lastly, thanks to Danixks for not dying after ~120h's of editing time. Here is his channel: » All the replays were driven in TrackMania United forever and TrackMania Nations Forever. As render times with bad quality were still very long and I could only render 3k at a time, Dani had the idea to import the replays into the newer ManiaPlanet version of TrackMania Stadium and see how they render there. Unfortunately, the skins of the cars got lost in the process, but I could render with 12k cars at a pretty high quality without the game crashing. Then, for the 8k remaining, Dani made a custom green mod with which he could easily "key" the environment and blend the cars all together. The method turned out to have quite good results, but it still needed some crazy "rotoscoping" of some cars which even though they were further away, they were actually "on top" of some closer ones. Nevertheless, thank you again for driving and watching the video! 20k Project on TM-Tube: » Facebook: » » Join my server (Trackmania Nations Forever/United) » Join with United tmtp://#join=labombaserv » Add to favorite and then join with Nations Forever tmtp://#addfavourite=labombaserv or just search labombaserv Music by NoCopyrightSounds: » 0:00 JBP - Defeat The Night 1:09 Mendum - Elysium 5:53 Laszlo - Imaginary Friends Trackmania: » » © 2015

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